For Nonprofits

How it works: 

  • Nonprofits: submit a complete design file and specify the item and color
    •  e.g. yellow t-shirts with blue ink, all sizes and ages; white mug with black print etc. 
    • You can ask up to 3 variations for each design, i.e. a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, thermos. Click here to see other possible merch items!
  • We’ll send you a mock-up for review. We’ll help you set a price that gets you a fair percentage, and you can choose to have us write the product description or submit one yourself. 
  • Once you give the go-ahead, we’ll publish it to this store and send you an embed code so you can put it on your website as well, should you choose: either way, you'll make the same amount!
  • And then...sit back! We’ll give you a check or direct deposit every month. Easy as that. 


  • Local business supporting local nonprofits supporting local get the idea! 
  • Perfect for fundraisers, events, long-distance supporters, volunteer swag, and more! 
  • NO COST to your organization. Any qualifying local nonprofit organization can get up to 4 designs on up to 3 separate items at a time: that’s 12 different items to have available 24/7 on your website!  if you want to take one down and add a new one, no problem. Want to add more than 12 items? No problem. The percentage we keep will go up slightly. Contact us for more info. 
  • No waste! The print-on-demand service means that high-quality items are created on an as-needed basis. No more boxes of out-of-style t-shirts clogging up your office. 
  • Outsource the process of ordering correct sizes and delivering to the right people (if you want to order a certain amount of stock to keep physically, you can do so at the wholesale price: just get in touch).
  • Cross-promotion opportunities: just by having your items listed on the website, your organization gets exposure anytime anyone shops. And the more you promote your merchandise, the more everyone wins! We can also work with you to develop promotional codes. 
  • Transparent everything. Customers know how much you get with each sale. You know how much we get. We will strive to get you the biggest percentage possible, and you can help us make this a possibility. 
  • We make it incredibly easy for customers and supporters to make a purchase: no complicated forms, secure checkouts