We help nonprofits sell branded merchandise and custom products to support fundraising and visibility

How it works:

Tell us what you need

Submit a complete design file and specify the desired item and colors (e.g. yellow t-shirts with blue ink, all sizes and ages; white mug with black print etc.) You can ask up to 3 variations for each design, i.e. a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, thermos.

Check it out

We’ll shop around for the best product possible. We use 3-4 different printing services to get the best variety of products and prices. We’ll send you a mock-up within 48 hours for review and help you set a price that gets you a fair percentage. 

Start Selling!

Once you give the go-ahead, we’ll publish it to this store and send you an embed code so you can put it on your website as well, should you choose. And then...sit back! We’ll give you a check or direct deposit every month. Easy as that.

For Supporters

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